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XIHADA QYT KT-8900D Mini Car CB Radio Amateur (HAM) Radio Review

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I remember my younger traveling days just having fun in the open roads with a CB radio and chatting with other travelers and truck drivers! To satisfy that nostalgic feeling, you may want to consider buying the XIHADA QYT KT-8900D Mini Car CB Radio Amateur (HAM) Radio

When you unbox the package, you should see a complete set that includes the following:

KT-8900D Mobile Car Radio, Speaker Mic, 6 ft DC Cable with Cigarette Plug Connector, Radio & Mic Brackets, Mounting Hardware, PC04FTDI Programming Cable (Win 10) , CD Software and English User Manual. See photo below for reference:

Here’s a closeup of the main interface. Make sure you connect the handheld portion to the port shown on the right hand side, just below the FM button.

The handheld mic controls some of the functions for the device too. I included a close-up so you can see the available menus on the handheld speaker mic.

My only frustration is that the included manual was a little hard to comprehend. I wish the manufacturers hired native English speakers to either make or edit the manual to make sure the instructions are clear and understandable with English speaking customers. The included software has attachments of various radio models, and it was kinda hard to see which one applied to this specific radio. The most important thing is that you use the software to change the settings for USA frequencies. I think they changed the laws now, and you might have to register to use certain frequencies. Double-check with the right authorities to be sure.

Where to Buy the XIHADA QYT KT-8900D Mini Car CB Radio Amateur (HAM) Radio

Wanna get yours soon? The XIHADA QYT KT-8900D Mini Car CB Radio Amateur (HAM) Radio is currently being sold on Amazon with an FREE SHIPPING offer at the time of this writing.

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