How Can Social Media Marketing Help Your Startup?

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How Can Social Media Marketing Help Your Startup?

Social media is ubiquitous these days; nearly everyone is on social media platforms. Age is no bar when it comes to social media usage. Your brand can always use social media marketing for promotion, irrespective of the age group of your target audience. As a startup owner, you can use social media without spending a fortune to market your products and services, but you can even sell your products and services directly to the customers on those platforms.

This article will discuss how social media marketing can serve as a great way to spread the word about your startup. This article will help you know how social media marketing can work wonders for your newly launched brand/business.

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The various ways in which social media marketing can help your startup:

1.   Helps you reach out to your target audience

Today, almost every second person has a social media account. Whether your startup caters to the young or the old, you can easily reach out to your target audience through the medium of social media. Social networking sites give you direct access to your prospective customers. Both businesses and customers do not need an agent any longer. Therefore, when you market your products/services on social media, it gives your customers the chance to communicate with you directly. It facilitates you to reach out efficiently and effectively to your target audience without incurring any major additional expenses.

2.      Assistive in building a good reputation

Startups lack reputation. It can take years of hard work to build a good reputation. However, you can achieve that quickly through social media marketing. Here’s a list of things that you can incorporate as a part of your social media marketing to build a good reputation:

  •       Instructional videos: Sometimes, an instruction manual isn’t enough for the users to fully understand your products/services. It is here that video content comes to the rescue. Social media is powerful. When you post a ‘How to’ video on YouTube, it has the potential to reach numerous people. Videos help users learn the operational aspect of your product with absolute ease. Also, you can easily create instructional videos with the help of a YouTube editor online. There are quite a few video editing tools on the web for you to choose from.
  •       Testimonial videos: There is nothing better than a good review from an existing customer to convince a potential client. While five-star written reviews are great, testimonial videos are even better. Therefore, you have a better chance at building a good reputation when you incorporate testimonial videos in your social media marketing strategies.
  •       Educational videos: Certain products/services are sustainable and environmentally friendly. If your products/services also belong to this league, you must make videos letting your viewers know about the same. More and more people would like to invest in a brand that does something for the general good. Therefore, posting educational videos on your social media can help you build a good reputation.
  •       Acknowledgment videos: It is significant to acknowledge your existing clients’ contributions to your business. When you thank your existing clients for supporting your business, you make them feel like they matter. In turn, these clients shop from you over and over again. Thus, acknowledgement videos can be highly assistive in building a good reputation.


3.  Helpful in tracking your startup’s progress

You can keep a tab on your progress directly when using social media to market your products/services. You can take the help of social media marketing tools to track your brand’s progress. These tools give you direct access to analytics. For instance, when you post something on your Instagram business account, you can see the number of people who engaged with it. This way, you know the various products/services your potential clients prefer more. Therefore, social media marketing can help gauge your startup’s progress.  

4.  Aidful in saving funds

One cannot undermine marketing’s importance for a startup. However, it can get pretty arduous for startups to allocate huge funds for marketing. While other marketing strategies can cause a hole in your pocket, social media marketing is an affordable way of promoting your products/services. Today, there are numerous social media marketing tools to choose from. These tools come in various price points. Even with a low budget, one can access some great tools.

Furthermore, you can effectively utilise these tools to create intriguing social media posts and track their progress. Even paid promotions on social media platforms are not that expensive. Therefore, social media marketing is not only fruitful but also cost-effective.

5.  Assistive in attracting diligent employees

Establishing a startup is no cakewalk. As much as you need loyal customers to keep your startup going, one cannot underestimate the power of employees. A business cannot function properly without able workers. Social media marketing helps startups in not only reaching out to potential clients but also able employees. You can incorporate the following elements on your social media handle to attract capable employees:

  •       Company culture video: Prospective employees will always look into company culture before applying to your firm. Therefore, it is pertinent to include content that addresses your company’s culture. While pictorial posts with captions are great, a full-fledged video will provide a better perspective to your potential employees. In company culture videos, you must talk about your brand’s mottos, primary attributes, goals, ideals, and what it stands for. This will help you attract employees whose individual goals align with your company’s goals.
  •       Perks videos: In this video type, you must talk about the various perks that your company offers to its employees. If your startup has an employee benefits scheme, discuss it in detail. Do not forget to mention the various recreational activities your company has in store for its employees. Every candidate would want to work for a firm that cares for its employees’ welfare.

Therefore, you can attract hardworking workers by talking about your company’s benevolent policies towards its employees on social media.

  1. Other benefits of social media marketing
  •       Social media marketing is time-effective: If you run a startup, there are high chances that you juggle various responsibilities. Juggling responsibilities can be pretty time-consuming. Social media marketing is such a marketing technique that doesn’t require you to put in hours and hours of effort. One can even schedule posts on some social media platforms like Instagram. Therefore, you can create content in your free time and schedule it for later.
  •       Social media marketing fetches clients: The primary objective of any XYZ startup is to convert prospects into real-time customers. Social media marketing is highly assistive in increasing your brand’s visibility—a higher visibility results in a greater customer count.
  •       Social media marketing helps retain the existing customer: Social media marketing allows you to stay in touch with your existing clientele. You can keep your clients updated with various launches, schemes, and your latest offers. Also, you can directly answer their queries via social media.    


Social media marketing entails many benefits for startups. These benefits include incremented brand recognition, great conversion opportunities, higher brand loyalty, a substantial reduction in marketing costs, time-effectiveness, and the ability to keep a tab on the startup’s progress, among other relevant things. Therefore, it is of utmost significance for startups to have a solid social media presence and devise substantial social media marketing strategies.

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