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SCSHOPPING Compressor Air Horn Setup and Review

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You might have seen those pranks on YouTube where pranksters have installed trumpet air horns in their truck and scared people in the sidewalk. Well I’ve got my hands on the SCSHOPPING Compressor Air Horn, and it is indeed loud! I was laughing the whole time because I didn’t expect it to be that loud!

SCSHOPPING Compressor Air Horn Review

When you receive the package, verify that everything is in the box as listed in the manual. Above is a photo of all the items that are included with the SCSHOPPING Compressor Trumpet Air Horn kit. You should have the trumpet air horn, the 12v cylindrical compressor, a tube, a relay, and mounting hardware. The product listing says that it does not come with a relay, but I saw a relay on my package.

Wholesale Discount SCSHOPPING Compressor Trumpet Air Horn Review

How to Install/Assemble the Trumpet Air Compressor Horn Kit

The first thing you’ll need to do is to connect the tube/hose to the trumpet and compressor unit. If you wanna ensure a tight fit and no air leaks, you can probably secure with a zip tie if you want. When finished, it should look like this:

Review Wholesale Discount Sale Air Compressor Trumpet Air Horn Supplier

The next step is to hook up your yellow and red wiring to the air compressor. The red is positive and the yellow is negative. The air compressor is embossed with the positive and negative signs, so there’s no reason you should have a problem figuring which one is which. The remaining black and red wires are for your 12v battery source.

After this, you can connect the relay to the yellow cube that “organizes” all the wirings. The relay plug can only fit a certain way on the inserts like a puzzle, so you can do this on your own without a problem.

The only thing you’ll need now that is not part of the package is a horn button or switch kit (with wiring) so that you can engage or disengage the horn. You can buy this online for about $10. You can make your own too, if you want — the old-school way!! The air compressor engages when there is a complete connection (electrical power flows without interruption) and the blown air is pushed through the hose into the trumpet, which then transfers the loud sound into the air.

I am still waiting for my button switch to arrive in the mail at the time of this writing, but you can actually already test how loud the air horn really is without a horn switch. All you need is a 12v battery source. Use the one from your car. Touch the negative wire and positive wire to the associated battery terminals and be ready for a loud surprise! I don’t have a decibel meter to verify the “loudness”, but the product listing says it’s about 150 decibels. That’s very loud!

I know I mentioned pranks in the beginning of this post, but this trumpet air horn is not just for that. You can use it as a horn replacement or in addition to the one you already have in your car, truck, or SUV. You can also install it on your boat, your trailer, or a go cart with a 12v DC power supply. The applications are endless!

What I really like about the SCSHOPPING Trumpet Compressor Air Horn is that it is easy to assemble and put together. The components are made of chrome plated zinc and plastic parts.

I’ll update with a photo when the full installation is completed.

Where to Buy This 12V DC Single Trumpet Air Horn Kit

You can purchase the SCSHOPPING Compressor Trumpet Air Horn on Amazon where it is currently available with 2-Day Shipping for those with an Amazon Prime account. It was still being sold at the time of this posting, but get yours before the stock runs out!


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