Review of Humixx Car CellPhone Holder Mounts – Wireless Charger Option

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Here is my review of the Humixx Car Phone Holder Mounts. If you are looking for a cellphone mount to use in your vehicle, you may want to consider the cell phone holders from Humixx. I have had good experience with two of their cell phone mounts that are available for sale on

Humixx , Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder Review

Humixx Car Phone Mount, Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder Review

My favorite so far is the Humixx Car Phone Mount, Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder. Take a look above to see what accessories the whole set comes with when you open the package.

You rarely see this being offered by other brands, but the Humixx offers two different mounting options on this particular package, depending on your preference.

Best recommended Humixx Car Phone Mount, Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder Review

One is just a straight-thru vent clip mounting option, while the other is another air vent mount that has a brace on it. I prefer that one because of the legs that add support and stability when the cellphone is mounted on the unit.

Of course, the main reason why I chose the Humixx Car Phone Mount, Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder is that I don’t have to mess with any cords that needed to be plugged into my mobile phone. It charges wirelessly. Make sure your mobile device is compatible with Qi Wireless Charging." alt="Wholesale Discount Sale >Humixx , Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder Review” />

The only wire is from the mount to the power adapter on my car. I love this feature! You will see a red light while the phone is charging wirelessly. If I remember correctly, that light will turn bluish once the phone is fully charged. Removing the phone from the mount is so convenient when there’s no wires to worry about! That’s why I put this on the car that I use most often.

By the way, don’t be alarmed when you use this for the first time and the charger does not seem to work. It is most likely due to a user error, as what happened to me, rather than a defect which I initially thought. Depending on the kind of phone you have, don’t forget to adjust the settings. The bottom of the holder can slide up or down depending on your cellphone model. Make sure you adjust properly to the right mobile phone so that the Qi wireless charging can be activated. If your phone and the device doesn’t align properly, then the wireless charger will not work. After I realized that this was the case, I was up and running in no time! The Qi wireless charging works flawlessly on my Samsung S7 phone!

Wireless Car Charger Mount, Humixx 10W/7.5W Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder for Auto Air Vent, 360 Degree Rotation Durable Design for iPhone Xs/Max/X/XR/8/8 Plus, Samsung Note 9/ S9/ S9+/ S8

While charging, you will notice a red light on the bottom of the device. Once your mobile phone is fully charged, that will turn to a bluish color, if I remember correctly.

Humixx , Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder Review: Where To Buy

The Humixx Car Phone Mount, Qi Wireless Charger Air Vent Cellphone Holder is currently being sold on Amazon. Curious what others have to say? You can read other reviews here.


* NOTE: Humixx offers another cell phone mount. CLICK HERE to read my review on this version.

* NOTE: I received the above item to facilitate this review. All opinions and photos are my own. Your personal experience or results may vary. Do you want me to review your product or services? Contact me today! FTC Disclaimer, Terms and Policies are posted on my site.
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