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Home Accessories: TONBUX Smart Light Switch Review

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Review TONBUX Smart Light Switch Review

If you are looking to automate some of the functions in your home, smart devices are the way to go! I already have a smart plug installed for a lamp in one of our rooms, but I need a smart light switch to control a set of hallway lights. The TONBUX Smart Light Switch was helpful in this regard.

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If you don’t know what you’re doing, I’d recommend hiring an electrician to install this smart light switch for you. This setup requires a neutral wire, so make sure that is present in your existing light switch. As always, you should turn off the power at home from the fuse box before working on any wires. All the screws and other accessories for connecting to your electrical wires are provided in the package. There are 4 wires which need to be connected.

Wholesale Discount Sale TONBUX Smart Light Switch Review

Here is a simple diagram so you can look at the schematics:

Best Recommended TONBUX Smart Light Switch Review

Compatabilities for the TONBUX Smart Light Switch

The TONBUX Smart Light Switch is currently compatible with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant platforms. In case that you don’t have any of the those, the smart switch can also be used with an Android or iOS mobile device. I have the Amazon Alexa, but I’m glad that I can use my Android phone as a backup plan by installing the Android app that is available for download. The app allows for management of the switch, and changing settings to your specifications.

To download the app, use the QR code scanner on your phone and point it to this. You will be redirected to the link where you can download the app immediately:

The TONBUX Smart Light Switch is definitely a convenient way to control and automate lights and appliances in my home that are connected to the switch. Don’t worry, in case your internet service goes down and you can’t control the switch via the app, the device allows for manual override. With just a soft push, you can turn the switch on and off from the hallway.

Where to Buy the TONBUX Smart Light Switch

The TONBUX Smart Light Switch is currently available on Amazon at a 27% discount at the time of this writing. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get this delivered to your address within 2 days.

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