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Review Fitbit Versa VS Fitbit Ionic VS Apple Watch Review

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This Fitbit Versa video review is brought to you by Simply Mander. If you’d like me to review the Fitbit Versa personally, please contact me to send the item over to my location.

After having it for several months, Simply Mander has posted a new review to let us know whether she still loves her Fitbit Versa.

What’s up guys welcome to today’s video I am super excited to be filming this video because as I’m sure you know I absolutely love my Fitbit ionic actually love Fitbit in general I’ve reviewed pretty much every single watch that I’ve ever had from Fitbit on my channel I have a whole playlist on Fitbit reviews and most recently when the verse that came out I reviewed the Fitbit Versa I compared it to the wook which I also purchased a couple of months ago prior to the Versa I had the Fitbit ionic which I actually upgraded to the Fitbit versa of for now as I mentioned in my previous video there were some pros and cons between the ionic and the Fitbit if you did not see that video I will link it here so you can check it out it just basically describes the differences between the ionic and the Versa I was reading through the comments on that video and comments that I get pretty much like on a daily basis people ask me why I stuck with the Fitbit Versa why I personally prefer the Fitbit Versa over the Fitbit Ionic there were so many things that all the Fitbit Versa that I loved and that I knew as far as fitbit software goes that I use on a daily basis and it was just too much to cover in that video because I wanted to go more in depth with the reasons behind why I stuck with the Versa over the Ionic and then just also some of the software features that I personally use how I use it you know in relation to fitness goals and how you can use it towards your fitness goals whether that’s for sleep recovery workouts I will go through all of that but I just wanted to kind of get a more in-depth review / update and everything else about the fitbit versa

It seems like she was being questioned why she stayed with the Fitbit Versa instead of the Fitbit Ionic, which are both available to buy on Amazon at this time.

so like I talked about in my Fitbit versus ionic video the only negatives if you will about the Versa compared to the ionic was two things that I found personally didn’t really affect me too much and the pros for the Versa over the ionic was what made me lean towards the Versa the first thing is that the fitbit Versa does not have in watch gps with the ionic you could take the ionic 4 run without your phone and it would record your run data the GPS you know would show you on the map and all kinds of things like that but that’s because that watch had in watch GPS whereas the first side you have to bring your phone with you and for me personally I bring my phone on runs anyway so that wasn’t really something that was a make-or-break for me it’s not like I’m a you know triathlon runner or something where I physically don’t want to be carrying my phone my runs are really that long what I do them and so for me it just wasn’t really a deal-breaker and the second thing is that the battery life on the Versa because of its size it’s more compact it’s more thin it is less than the ionic and to be honest with you guys I don’t notice it that much and that’s because I take the watch off when I shower although it is waterproof I take off when I shower and I charge it pretty much every day I don’t really ever let the watch die completely and then have to charge it from zero to a hundred I just continuously probably run it at about I’m at eighty percent battery now and I would say that I probably stick between 50 and 80% on the daily I think for me the physical appearance of the Versa was what kind of won me over over the ionic Dannic although it’s a great watch and I don’t have anything negative to say about it it just kind of was a clunkier watch it just seemed heavier on my arm as soon as I put this verse on after the ionic I was like wow this is so much lighter I never really realized that it’s on and whereas the ionic I felt myself kind of like pushing it down throughout the day and trying to like move it around because it was just uncomfortable I would just say that if I was going for a watch you know based on those two things GPS capability or being more lightweight and sleek looking I’m going to pick the more lightweight and sleek looking one other than that everything else Fitbit software wise and how the watch tracks your steps and your calories burn and everything like that which we’ll get into is the same so realistically going from the ionic to the Versa wasn’t a change as far as what I use the Fitbit watches for in general

In the above, she discusses features of the Fitbit Ionic and the Fitbit Versa, both of which she has owned. She thought that the Ionic was much more “clunkier” than the Versa, and I could see that. One of the only downsides to the Fitbit versa is that it doesn’t have a GPS just like the Ionic, which was good for tracking runs — but she says this was not a deal breaker for here.

I’m gonna put a screen cap up here for you guys so you can kind of get an idea as to what features Fitbit offers that I personally use I know a few of my friends who have Apple watch this one of the big biggest things in general that deter me from the Apple watch is that you have to have different apps or different things that annoys me and I don’t want to have to be going through a workout app whatever the sleep app is I want everything to be compiled into one app so at the end of the day when I’m looking at my stats I can see everything right where I need it this is what my personal Fitbit dashboard looks like and the cool thing is that you can switch these things around just by folding it and rearranging it I don’t know how to not make it move but we’re just gonna close out and go back in so I have my top things across the board which are kind of like the highlighted statistics though that’s floors miles my calories for the day a hundred and 71 minutes with the lightning bolt is how many minutes active I was today obviously you can arrange your dashboard based on what you think is more important to you and what you’d like to look at every single time you log into your dashboard you can also take things away from your dashboard if you don’t want to see them and we’ll get into that also about which things I personally feel are not important for me but this might be able to help you kind of get an idea as to what the Fitbit can do for you in terms of your own goals for example my top two things on here are exercise and sleep because that’s what’s most important to me and when I go into my exercise I can basically see how many hours per week I’ve trained and the cool thing is you can go back and compare it to previous weeks and then each individual workout that you click on for example you’ll be able to get an individual breakdown of that workout if I just click at this run this is a 1.5 mile run for 10 minutes at a 640 pace I had two minutes of peak heartrate five minutes of cardio and three minutes of fat burn and this is kind of based on your resting heart rate in comparison to your age and your body weight and things like that so which is also kind of cool because I hit a new resting heart rate PR that possible my new arresting beats per minute is 48 so I was hovering about 50 for a while but it’s cool to finally get to the 48 beats per minute so much health anyways so obviously the exercise portion is super important to me because I like to take a look at my training each time I click on something I like to see the breakdown of my heart rate when it dips lower when I’m resting and this is also kind of a comparison to the heart rate variability because as you’re working out you can toggle through your pace your heart rate on the watch screen itself so I’m not actually in the app but I can see how my heart rate is changing throughout the workout what I’ve learned from whoop in terms of heart rate variability although the Fitbit doesn’t necessarily track that I can kind of see how when I’m training if my heart rate is spiking up to 150 and then it’s able to get back down to like 80 or 85 90 beats per minute in a very short timeframe that means my heart rate variability is improving because I’m able to get back down to a resting heart rate or close to a resting heart rate in a shorter timeframe I personally love analyzing the workout section of the Fitbit and that’s probably I would say like my number one priority with Fitbit as a side note people ask me how I track my workouts and how it tracks CrossFit what other activities you can do just to show you guys while we’re on the screen cap here if I go ahead to the plus sign and I add track exercise I’m gonna go to log you can search for an exercise type and to be honest I haven’t looked through a ton of these but they do seem to have a lot the only reason they don’t have well they do have CrossFit oh wow that’s funny they put it back I took away two across apparel I think coz of a trademark issue but that’s funny I don’t know is there any ways I’ve seen people ask me about like how it tracks horseback riding and that is an option on there I just have never used it so I’m not entirely sure I would imagine that it attracts maybe elevation speed distance and things like that as far as what I do I just clicked the workout option for pretty much everything as far as weightlifting CrossFit gymnastics anything like that I don’t switch back and forth and I don’t stop and start new workouts after I warm up at the gym as soon as I’m ready to start training I hit work out and I go the only time it’s different is when I’m going for a run outside and I want it to track my pace per mile as well as the GPS feature moving on the sleep my second favorite and if you guys haven’t followed me for a while you know that I am team grandma life I go to sleep so early I love sleeping and I love tracking how deep my sleep is so going into the sleep category this is kind of set up similarly to the exercise category they basically track your heart rate and your move of your wrist throughout the night and so you can see the red indicates awake the light blue indicate indicates REM sleep medium is light and then the dark blue is deep sleep but then it obviously shows you the chart as to which times of the night you dipped into deep sleep and when you were awake and restless and things like that you can also look at your 30-day average you can look at a benchmark and then your sleep schedule which kind of gives you an idea as to what time you typically fall asleep and what time you wake up again this kind of just depends on what you do with this information and I think that if you’re somebody that’s looking to improve your recovery as far as sleep goes it may be helpful for you to take a look at how you sleep throughout the night if you’re getting enough deep sleep if you’re getting enough sleep in general and just kind of like using that to your advantage and to realize okay I don’t actually fall asleep until 11:00 I need to get into bed an hour earlier because it takes me an hour longer to fall asleep and I didn’t realize that I think a lot of times some people say that they get eight hours and nine hours of sleep they’re kind of just talking about the time that they spent in bed so the time they gotten into bed and the time they woke up but they’re not obviously able to track the amount of time they were physically deep sleeping so that’s kind of cool about the Fitbit and I just like it because I want to make sure that I’m not just in bed for eight hours and I I want to make sure that I am friggin passed out and deep sleeping and recovering for assault late hours those are my top two most important features of the Fitbit and obviously this little Barry for you based on what exactly you’re looking to use it for but you have your other things like your resting heart rate your active steps per hour you can set individual goals for let’s say you want to take 250 steps per hour you can actually set it so that it will remind you and tell you hey you have blank more steps left this hour I think it’s cool because you can also set challenges for yourself you can compete with other people that you’re friends with on Fitbit you can do like work week challenges there’s all kinds of different things and you can win these little badges which I’m gonna actually show you guys because I think they’re so cute you go to your profile you just click on values and trophy and I can see my badge collection I’ve acquired quite a few badges because I’ve had Fitbit for like forever and it’s pretty cool because it just kind of like gives you something to work towards as cheesy as that sounds you like learn new facts you know like the Sahara Desert one 2983 lifetime miles which is the length of the Sahara Desert so I mean that’s kind of cool maybe I’m just a nerd and I think it’s cool but I don’t know I like to have these little badge collections like I feel like a maritime like and get something my badge collection I just think it’s a cute thing that Fitbit does I’m not sure if other fitness trackers do this but I personally like it I think it’s a great touch so that’s kind of just what I think is useful regarding the Fitbit app and what I like the most about it and as there are some things that I just kind of think are useless which I don’t even have on here for example the water logger it’s not anything that that app is doing for you you have to manually go in and log water that you’re drinking which is kind of like you could do that anywhere and same thing with the food I personally don’t connect Fitbit to MyFitnessPal I just think it’s too messy I like those two things separately although you can do it if you wanted to track your food and log everything in the Fitbit app that is something you could do I’ve just have been a die-hard user of My Fitness Pal for years and I just I stick to that the reason is also because I don’t want my calories burned to sink into My Fitness Pal and then add on additional calories that’s something that I mentioned in my top ten mistakes of tracking macros people don’t realize that the apps are connected and then if they’re trying to eat in a deficit and then they’re burning calories the Fitbit as your calories burn back into My Fitness Pal and you end up eating more food so like I said to Messi I don’t like to do that I just leave it at it as is the new period tracker that they added I mean it’s just like any other period tracker you just put in when your date of your last period was and then tells you your schedule which is nothing that you know hasn’t been done before I know a lot of people have asked and I had asked myself when I got the Fitbit how does the Fitbit accurately track your steps and your calories burn and things like that so the last part of this video I just kind of wanted talk about what I’ve read as far as Fitbit fa Q’s and Fitbit articles and what actually is like the science in this little watch that calculates your steps your calories your heartrate and all that fun stuff directly off of the Fitbit website by the way and that the Fitbit uses a three axis accelerometer to understand your motion so instead of just a single axis one like a pedometer for example like those little Clippy things or I think the Fitbit Alta might be a single axis the newer fitbit’s like the ionic and the Versa and I believe the blaze as well is a three axis accelerometer analyzing acceleration data our devices provide detailed information about frequency duration intensity and patterns of movement to determine your steps taken distance traveled calories burn and sleep quality so if if it’s basically saying that they have the most fine-tuned algorithm for step count it’s pretty much motion patterns that are most indicative of people walking so it’s saying like it’s determining whether or not the size is enough for a step in comparison to just like a small little movement back and forth I’m talking with my hands right now which I do all the time it’s not calculating that I’m stepping so how does the Fitbit calculate your step distance is multiplying your walking steps by your stride length which I thought was pretty cool I didn’t even know that it automatically takes your stride length based on how many runs you’ve done so I thought that was really awesome you can also manually set your stride length that takes you through like a little prompt to multiplies your walking steps by your walking stride length and multiplying your running steps by your running stride length then you estimate they estimate the stride lengths by using height and gender

On the next part of the video, she puts up a screen capture so you can get an idea of the different features that Fitbit offers, and you can compare these features to Apple watch if you have the Apple watch instead.

so here is probably the most frequently asked question that I get about the Fitbit is how accurate do I think it is according to Fitbit how they calculate the calories burned is estimating by age gender height and weight if it measures your heart rate because it’s talked about all fitbit’s and not often especially your heart rate it’s just an accent and it’s not a hundred percent there’s no like gold standard for this but here’s what I always tell people and this has been true so far for me if you are trying to figure out if you should go off of the Fitbit calories burn for your intake so for example if you’re trying to lose weight and it says that you burn 2,000 calories a day and you need to eat let’s say you just want to put yourself in like a 400 calorie deficit you want to eat at like 1600 calories the only way truly like tried-and-true to make sure that you’re in a deficit and losing weight is number one obviously to make sure that you’re actually eating that amount a set of macros that equals out to 1600 calories you’re going to stick to that for at least like five to seven weeks and every single day you’re going to weigh yourself with the same variables so in the morning after go to the bathroom completely naked before you eat and you’re going to take your weekly average and this is how we track people’s weight loss or muscle gain so each week if you’re consistently losing about like half a pound to a pound that would be indicative that you are in fact in a 400 or 500 calorie deficit per week and then it’s accurate now the downside to the Fitbit is that I feel personally sometimes it overestimates for extremely active people like myself sometimes my calorie burn because of how many steps or how many workouts I’ve done throughout the day it will put me like I’ve been over 3,000 calories a day for the most part the range is between like 26 and 2,800 that’s kind of where I stay on a daily basis but I don’t eat 26 or 28 hundred calories per day I don’t maintain my weight at 26 2,800 calories per day for me in order to maintain my weight I need like 23 to 2,500 so not that it’s a huge amount you know different but it still is enough to where it could really mess somebody up if the Fitbit is seriously overestimating and that they’re thinking that they need to eat a lot more than they actually do to lose weight so kind of a sticky situation but I think that it would just be safer for you to figure out your own macros based on your total daily energy expenditure aside from the Fitbit and then just use the Fitbit as a tool to track your workouts and things like that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing that for like figuring out your TV in order to get into a deficit or a surplus I just personally would have recommend that at the end of the day it comes down to what your specific needs are and what you really like to pay attention to I think the great thing about Fitbit is that it’s so Universal and you can use it no matter if you are you know of serious athlete or you’re just somebody that wants to get more steps in for the day because it’s also a SmartWatch it’s not like the look where it’s only dedicated to your heart rate variability and your strain and recovery you could get text messages you cannot reply on the Hertz I didn’t mention that in my last video but you can’t type on the watch yet you can get calls you can get notifications you can do the little meditation you can do other things on the watch or not Fitness related but I know that so many of you have asked me how I like the Versa why I like the verse so I stuck with it and what I use it for and so I hope that this video has answered your questions and kind of gave you a little bit more insight into the Fitbit act but that is going to wrap up this video so I hope that you guys enjoy it and learn something if you have a Fitbit leave me a comment down below and let me know what your favorite feature of it is and I will see you guys in my next video thank you so much for watching [Music] so much talking sweat literally sweating her talking party goes war my ass

She has a pretty extensive video review of the Fitbit Versa, which includes discussions on the Fitbit Ionic and Apple Watch as well.

Where to Buy the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic

As I have stated earlier, both smartwatches are currently being sold on Amazon at the time of this writing. They are both being offered with FREE SHIPPING at this time.

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