Product Review: Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeve

Pictured is the unisex Arm Compression Sleeve by Alien Armor.

Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeve Review

Before you buy this for yourself, make sure you get the right size in order to get the most benefit out of the compression sleeve. There is a sizing chart available on the item’s photo gallery at All I did was relax my muscles and measured the circumference of my upper arms in centimeters, then compared it to the sizing chart available.

The stretchable fabric that the sleeves are made of are soft and comfortable on your skin. Once I put it on, I could actually feel the warm flow on my upper arms. I don’t know how to describe it fully, other than having the sleeves on my arms feel good and relaxing, and it makes you feel like you have a lot of power when working out. Everybody is different of course, so I don’t know if you’ll experience the same thing.

Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeve to Improve Circulation and Prevent Strain

After using this, I am thinking about getting a compression sleeve for my calves which I feel will be especially useful during a hiking trip or bicycle run. By the way, if you want to get your own, the Arm Compression Sleeve by Alien Armor is available at The last I checked, it is still available in stock at an 11% discount.

Enjoy your exercises!

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