Home & Garden Accessory Review: Ohuhu 50 LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights

Pictured below is the packaging for the Ohuhu 50 LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights, a way to accessorize and brighten up your backyard garden or patio, as you entertain your nighttime guests or have dinner with the family as you enjoy the great outdoors.

Ohuhu 50 LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights

Opening the package should reveal the following components, as pictured:

Ohuhu 50 LED Flower Blossom Solar Fairy Lights

– string of flower blossom LED lights
– solar charger unit
– stake
– a simple manual (not pictured, it was inside the box)

There is minimal assembly required. However, it’s like fitting parts on a puzzle, really… so there should be no need to read the manual for this, if you ask me. Of course, a less technical person might need the extra help.

I have included the picture below to show you what part fits to where. I’ve actually lined them up, so you can see how to proceed.

Best Recommended Solar Garden LED Lights Review

Again, it’s like a puzzle piece. Once you connect the parts in the appropriate grooves/slots, then the finished product should look like this:

Ohuhu 50 LED Blossom Solar Fairy Garden Lights Review

Now you have a complete solar assembly with the stake to stick unto the ground. The solar panel is adjustable (the knob that you see just below the solar panel in the above photo is what you turn to loosen/tighten the panel and adjust accordingly). The benefit of having an adjustable panel is that you can point it to receive maximum sun exposure.

The square box that you see in the above photos is the solar panel. Below is what it looks like taken from a different angle. This is what “soaks up” the energy from the sun and store it in the rechargeable battery inside.

Review of Ohuhu 50 LED Flower Blossom Solar Fairy Lights

When you flip the panel over, you should see the controls as pictured below. There are 2 buttons available; one is the power button to turn the device on and off. The other button is to select from different modes available. One mode keeps the light constantly on, and the other mode makes the LED lights blink.

Best Recommended Ohuhu 50 LED Flower Blossom Solar Fairy Lights

The Ohuhu 50 LED Flower Blossom Solar Fairy Lights come with varying colors, blue, yellow, green, and red. They emit a beautiful color array, as you can see below.

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The photo is just to show you how the lights look when turned on. The string of lights actually extend to about 21 feet in length (not like a ball of light as shown in the above photo, unless that’s how you really want it). If you don’t want it to be a permanent fixture in your backyard garden or patio, then it works great as a replacement Christmas light for the front yard during the holiday season. The best part is… you don’t have to use any electricity! You get free energy from the sun! There’s no need for extension cords either! It’s a really convenient option.

If you’d like to take advantage of free electricity while you light up your yard, then the Ohuhu 50 LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights is an option to consider. They are currently being sold on Amazon at a 60 percent discount at the time of this writing.

Enjoy the light show!



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