Health Supplements: NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil Review

TRIPLE STRENGTH Fish Oil 180 Softgels - Ultimate Omega-3, 3000mg Fish Oil, High Content of DHA & EPA, No Fishy Aftertaste, Supports Joint & Skin Health, Maintains Normal Heart, Brain & Immune Function

Being into graphic designs myself, what attracted me to the NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil packaging and labeling is it’s high-contrast design which stood out. So with that alone, I already feel excited upon opening the shipment… and makes me feel more confident of what the supplement can offer!

I only mention this because I’ve had fish oil supplements before with “boring” presentation — some of which looks like somebody in a house garage somewhere just slapped a sticker on a bottle or box that he printed from his computer or typewriter LOL. It makes you kind of doubt whether you’re getting a quality supplement doesn’t it?

Review of NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil Review

As far as fish oil supplements are concerned, the number one question in my mind is always: “How fishy is this going to taste?” or “How fishy is the after-taste going to be after settling in your stomach for a few hours?” I’ve had fish oil supplements before that just had a strong “fishy” after-taste, and trust me, you don’t want to talk to anyone hours later with that kind of breathe!

So, with my concerns of having a “fishy” breathe during the day when I’m around more people, I decided to try out this new NutraEdge fish oil supplement at night. So for the first several days, I took them in the evening after I ate dinner. Initially, I also tried to be conservative just in case and only took 1 capsule, slowly increasing in subsequent nights. Surprisingly, I didn’t get any fishy after-taste when I woke up in the mornings, which is good news! Also, taking the supplement at night hasn’t disrupted my sleep patterns so I have nothing negative to report as far as inducing insomnia (other people apparently can’t sleep when taking ANY fish oil at night). In fact, I think I’ve slept better! (unless that’s just a placebo effect). Given no negative effects from taking the NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil Supplement at night, I might just decide to continue with the night regimen. I’ve tried taking them at mornings too, so we’ll see.

I won’t know for now, but I’m hoping to see positive results with my cardiovascular/heart health. I have physical check-ups annually, so I’ll see what my bloodwork results will show then. You probably already know what the benefits are, but here’s a good summary from their packaging:

Best Recommended NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil Supplement Review

If you’re curious to see what makes up their “triple-strength” formula, here’s a picture I’ve taken to give you a good idea. Sometimes a picture does better in explaining.

Where to Buy the NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil

The NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil supplement boasts being made in the USA, in a gmp/FDA registered facility, with no sugars or artificial colors added, and non-gmo components. If you’re wondering where you can buy the NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil, the supplement is currently being sold on at the time of this writing. They have a promotion going on now too, allowing you additional savings for meeting a certain criteria. Take a look!

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