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30 Day Success Club Review – Is It A Scam? Read This Before You Buy!

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This review of 30 Day Success Club will show if this is a scam or if it is worth your money!

Details about the 30 Day Success Club can be found by watching the video above.

Unfortunately, services like this prey on the inexperienced affiliate marketer who wants to make money online.

Inside the member’s area you are greeted by a dashboard which will automatically create a complete website for you filled with ClickBank products but, as discussed in the review, there is no way of driving targeted traffic to your website. The only option you have is to spam forums, social media and YouTube to try and bring people to your website.

30 Day Success Club is not worth your time because it based on a simple flawed idea which no experienced affiliate would ever consider implementing. You cannot edit your website nor can you build any landing pages to try and increase conversion rates. You are stuck trying to bring as much traffic as possible to a website which will not convert and has no chance of making you money.

Review of the 30 Day Success Club – Scam Or Not?

Below is a caption of the video review above, if you’d rather read. The caption below is not edited for grammar or spelling. It is meant for close caption:

Hi Guy, this is Philip. In this review, I am looking at the brand new service called the the 30 days success Club and I’m gonna tell you what I think about it and I’m gonna tell you if I think it’s a scam or not and I’ll show you whether or not it works many many people are trying to make money online as an affiliate by promoting a Clickbank product and this product will basically try to show you how to do that by creating a simple website which you can use to promote Clickbank affiliate products alright unfortunately it’s not what it seems and I’m gonna show you inside the members area and i’ll show you what you get when you buy 30 days success Club and as always this is all my personal opinion right I have bought it I’ve tried it I’ve actually sat through the training I’ve created a website so I can show you what it’s like alright and also if you stick around until the end of the video I have a very special announcement and I’ll be very grateful if you hang around and listen to what I have to say right so yeah let’s get stuck in and that’s have a look inside the members area [Music] okay so where the sales page itself is incredibly misleading very overhyped penida they talked about Millions is all about you know going from broke to rich and you know it’s all basically the usual okay nothing nothing crazy by its unusual hyped up misleading information right they make they make it look as if affiliate marketing and making money online is super easy very quick and so on and so forth right

Philip continues with his Review of the 30 Day Success Club by saying:

I think by now you know you know the drill right they’re all they’re all like this once I got inside the members area this is what you’re presented with you’re basically you pop in your Clickbank use right username here and you basically buy a domain name and put in your domain name and you go to the next step where you basically create your sites you just pop in your site name and put in your site keyword and description why they do that I don’t know because they’re not going to this website it’s not going to rank for anything and then you basically go to your website I’ve already built mine so I’ll show you here I’ve called it blah blah blah and when you actually go to that site this is what comes up so essentially this is your website is nice enough when people click on one that one of these links here you are redirected to their landing page right and then basically you get a commission when somebody buys this now on the surface this looks great on the surface this seems like wow cool I get an instant website and I can start making money online straight away as an affiliate but let me just explain a few flaws here with this system right first of all you have no traffic source right and with this kind of website you won’t be able to do any paid advertising so you have no Avenue of getting traffic you the the traffic sources they recommend inside the training area

He adds that

they are basically the usual stuff like forum posting you know posting on social media you know doing guest posting and so on right there’s no there’s no clinical tactical method here it’s effectively just spamming going out and spamming your URL everywhere and hoping that people will click on your link in order to come back to your website and buy something all right now what people who buy the 30 day success Club won’t understand is that there is no congruence here between wherever you leave your link to this page alright so if you are on a diet ik blog talking about yoga and you say oh wow yeah I’ve got a yoga product on my page check it out when they click on that they arrive here to this page right and you can see here this is not a landing page for yoga if you look over here on the right there is a product as there for yoga but the page they get to is here you can’t actually you can’t create a landing page to take you to this page here because this is the affiliate page this is the the landing page on Clickbank so and because you have no access to this website you can’t change the pages you can’t change the layout you can’t change anything it means that you have no control over this so that’s so there is no congruence between wherever your link is and to the product page

they have to then come here find it themselves and click on it alright which basically makes this worthless because there is no landing page there is no bridge page or you know a pre sell page nothing right you have to do that wherever you are posting your links and then somehow try to try to explain any link that they have to go and find it themselves because when you actually search through these pages you’ll see that you can’t actually make a landing page for any of these and you can see by looking here so we’re in the email a business and a marketing section right now if I send you this link and you landed here I mean you have to then just start looking through these look this is this isn’t a landing page there’s nothing here that says click me just these random generic boring thumbnails right so nobody’s nobody didn’t click on these and the next issue you’re gonna have is that with this type of thing there’s no long term term stability here because you you don’t host the website you don’t have it right there’s no yours you own your own domain name but you don’t own the hosting right so at any point if the guy whoever it is who owns this if they stop hosting it you lose your website all right so even if you somehow it did manage to make money from this it could disappear overnight because you have no control over it all right and also the simple fact is that you can’t even log in and change anything you can’t change the layout you can’t change text you can’t add images you can’t do anything which means that it’s basically worthless right and the next issue you’re gonna have which is basically the same as I was talking about before about the congruence and the base that the conversion rates right the conversion rate on this is going to be non-existent right because when someone lands here they there’s no purpose it’s not targeted they don’t come here because people will come here looking for a specific product but they won’t find it and they’ll click away they’ll bounce instantly because people are lazy they need to have everything spoon-fed to them in order to increase conversions so if you sent sent a thousand people through this website you know you’d be lucky if you got one or two sales right and even then in order for you to create 1000 and clicks from blog posting on comments on social media posting and you know all these methods they suggest it’s gonna that’s a lot of work all right – trust me that is going to be a lot of work and yeah you will be tied to computer day night and you’ll be lucky if you make any Commission’s at all because there’s no landing page there’s no bridge page people are gonna come here they’re gonna be 100% cold there were no idea what this is or who you are what’s happening right another aspect of this which is very very frustrating is that you are basically held to ransom when you inside the member the members area for example you do have the option to integrate an autoresponder with your membership sites where you can collect email leaves which you can then follow up with email sequences which is a good thing you know that’s that that would increase your conversion rate but you can see here you have not been granted access to your subscribers which means you have to pay an extra thorough things $37 to have the privilege of collecting email addresses right now that sort of thing it’s just like it’s very mean because they’re they’re selling you an idea and then forcing you to buy the upgrades because without email addresses this type of thing is virtually impossible to make money with

According to Philip in his review, it looks like the 30 Day Success Club is not a good idea at all to join.

now even with the email upgrade it’s still very very the conversion rate will still be very very low but it will be better than if you only have the website right two more upgrades one which is $47 which allows you to build I think it’s three three more web sites and one that’s forty seven dollars which is a heat map which basically gives you analytics about your website about where where people are clicking and so on and again these these two it’s very obvious that this is tailored for the inexperienced this website this the 30-day success Club is tailored for newbie affiliate marketers it’s tailored for people who just don’t know any better right because both those upgrades are completely pointless right like for example the heat maps that allows you to basically see for example where people are clicking on your website it allows you to see which pages there is ding and so on all right but what the difference does it make if you can’t edit your own website right so why what’s the difference like if you if you see that if you send a thousand people to your website and you see that you know 500 clicked on one specific product what difference does it make because you can’t change that product you can’t make it look better you can’t build a landing page you can’t do anything with it so what difference does make if you can see people clicking on it because you can’t you can’t even directly link to it right that’s how pointless it is so it’s it’s just another upgrade with no purpose of any kind right and the same with the upgrade to have three more websites well what’s the difference because if you can’t drive traffic to one website you won’t be able to drive traffic to three separate websites all right you know it’s one of those things where it’s a it’s just a it’s an upgrade that’s designed to fool newbie beginner affiliate marketers right which is unfortunate but that is the way I see it that’s my opinion on it so overall to sort of sum up my review of the 30 day success Club would I recommend it no is it a scam oh not a scam as such but it’s very very very low-quality okay they do provide you with basic service but there’s no value here there’s no nothing you are very very unlikely to make money using this strategy based on what I’ve just said in my review so but I have I do have an announcement to make right so if you stuck out to this far and you watch this so far thank you you’re awesome I do have an announcement I am releasing my own product it’s called the taking action online so if you want me to show you how to make money online then basically click the link in the description to join its launching on the 15th of August I’m busy making it right now so yeah if you want to join me there I’ll be more than happy to have you on board so yeah thanks for watching if you can like and subscribe to my channel I’d be very grateful and I hope you enjoy by the review and I’ll probably see you again very soon all right thanks and see there.

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