Some Things to Consider Before Finally Launching Your Product On The Internet

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There is a lot of excitement involved when launching a new product on the internet. Sometimes, the excitement can be so much that it can actually be detrimental to your business. I remember an online marketer a few years ago who was so excited about his product launch that he forgot to double-check his sales page. When his site went live online, he received a lot of traffic from his marketing efforts. Unfortunately, he forgot to connect his payment button to his payment processor — but he already lost a lot of potential customers before realizing the problem a couple of days later.

Before you finally launch that product of yours, make sure you remember to consider a few things.

First, double-check your sales page. Check for spelling and grammar errors of your sales material. If you want to build the credibility of your business and product, then make sure your grammar and spelling are correct! You don’t want to make it look like a 5-year old put your site together. If you don’t have time or need the assistance of someone to proofread your material, you can outsource the work to proofreaders like me. Double-check your payment buttons to make sure they are functioning as they should. If possible, make a test purchase prior to launching your product. Check all your links to make sure they are properly connected. Double-check everything!!!

Next, think about your price. Is your product pricing too high or too low? Many make the mistake of overcharging or undercharging. How does your product compare to that of your competitors? Take a look around and see what the average price is. Take that into account when you’re trying to figure out your final price. Do you provide something better or some other option that your competitor might not offer? These are just some of the things you can consider when pricing your product.

If you have to make a choice, my opinion is that it is much better to undercharge because of the potential of drawing many customers in. That was the idea behind Walmart, and other similar stores. Because you are cheaper than your competitors, you get more customers — but it takes a longer time for you to make a profit in the beginning as compared to charging high in the first place. However, you can profit more in the long run. You have to make the decision yourself about what is more important to you. The problem with undercharging is that you will lose the profit you desire, especially if you want the money right away.

Overcharging is just really bad altogether, I think. It drives away potential customers. Everyone wants to save. Many people will do anything just to save a few bucks. I once read about this guy who drove to the next town to buy a product that was cheaper than the one offered in his local area. Of course, by the time you add up the gas expense of driving there, he would have been better off staying local. The point is, people want to save — and most likely won’t think twice about it!

Finally, is your server capable of your traffic? This is something very important that you don’t want to miss. So you’ve prepared a massive advertising campaign. You expect to receive a lot of traffic because you’ve hired the best marketers. Can your web server handle the load it will generate? Some forget to check the resources allotted to them by their web hosting provider. Forgetting this can be your biggest mistake! I’ve come across several online marketers already who have forgotten this very important aspect. In fact, just the other day, I was prepared to buy a new product a few hours after I received the notice. When I visited the site, it was suspended by the host because the traffic bandwidth it received was more than it was allowed to have. Imagine how many sales this guy had lost before noticing the problem! He also wasted money on marketing, because he still had to pay for the clicks to his site, even though his server was down. Don’t make the same mistake with your product launch.

Of course, there are more things to consider before launching your product. I just wanted to focus on the items above to save you the trouble. Before you get too excited about launching your product on the world wide web, make sure to remember a few things that will save you a lot of headache and loss of money!

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