Questions to Ask Yourself When Marketing Your Products or Services

Before starting your marketing campaign, it’s usually a good idea to ask yourself several questions. These questions will help you focus your marketing in the right direction, and hopefully achieve success in your campaign.

First, reflect on the product or service you are selling. What is it? Knowing what you’re selling allows you to see who your target audience is, hence, saving you from wasting your efforts marketing to a group that doesn’t care what you have to offer. For example, if you’re selling candles, it wouldn’t make much sense to advertise to a men’s rifle club. You’re just wasting your money. So, first know what you’re selling, which leads you to the target audience.

Next, does your target audience have a need for your product or services? If there’s no need, does your advertisement give the message that your target audience needs what you’re selling? Even if there’s no need, sometimes you can create that atmosphere where they’ll feel like they’ll need it or else…

Sometimes it’s good to pretend that you are the customer and ask questions from a customer’s point of view. “Why should I buy this product? Does it solve anything? Will it make my life better? What benefits or advantages will I receive if I purchase it, and what would I lose when I don’t? Asking these type of questions will guide you in creating the right message for your advertisement, or even your web content. Make sure that your message is understandable and clear enough, so that your customer is not confused about what you’re trying to offer.

Hope these few tips helped. Of course, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be 100% successful by asking yourself these questions. They’re just meant to guide you in your marketing efforts.

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