How to Get a 100% Free Mobile Phone Cellphone Service Without Paying Monthly Fees!

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I was skeptical at first just like you probably are at the moment, but it’s been almost a year and I haven’t had any charges on my credit card! Would you like a free mobile phone service or free cell phone service? If so, keep reading because you want to take advantage of this good deal…

How to Get Free Mobile Phone Free Cellphone Service Review

I will show you exactly what to do so you can have a free cellphone service just like I do. First, you should have an unlocked mobile phone to use for the service. If you have ever bought and then upgraded your cell phone service in the past, then you probably have a few unused mobile phones at home. If they are unlocked (not locked to any particular carrier such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, or others), then you can use them for any mobile phone provider. I happen to have an unused old Samsung phone, so I was prepared to get a free mobile phone service using the offer stated on this post. If you don’t, ask a friend or family member for unused phones.

How To Get a Free Cell Phone Service

Check if your location qualifies. CLICK HERE to perform a search using your zip code. If you are in the USA, it should be available in most major cities and surrounding towns.

By the way, the offer is also going to give you a free trial of the Premium 2GB service. Don’t let that scare you! You don’t have to sign up for the Premium service in order to take advantage of the free mobile phone service. I’ll tell you what to do…

Review Best Free Mobile Phone Free Cellphone Service FreedomPop Review

If you have service in your location, then go ahead and complete the checkout process. It comes with a free SIM card that you can put on your unused and unlocked cell phone. You only have to pay $0.01 (1 cent) for activation. For 1 cent, why not? That’s such a good deal! And you get a 4G LTE network!

Wait for your package in the mail. Once you receive it, then follow the instructions as posted in the package or mailing. Once you have an active account, login to your account online. Cancel the 2GB or other Premium Service that you have a trial offer for. That leaves you with the FREE mobile phone service plan. There you go… now you have a FREE cellphone service!

How To Use Your Free Mobile Phone Service Properly

The free mobile phone service plan limits your usage to 200MB data, 200 minutes, 500 text. Make sure you don’t exceed this plan in order to avoid paying for premium services, but continue remaining in the free plan. In other words, don’t watch online videos and movies on this phone unless you are connected directly to a WIFI network, so that you don’t eat up your 200MB of data bandwidth limitation. Don’t use it for GPS purposes either, like Google Maps, unless you just want to take a look at the map quickly, and not actually use it while driving. Google Maps takes a lot of bandwidth, especially if you are driving long distances. You are better off downloading a GPS app that uses offline maps. That’s the kind of GPS that I use on my phone so I don’t waste my data bandwidth.

For me, I only use this phone for text messaging and short phone calls. This phone will be particularly useful for emergency or urgent calls. If you stay up all night talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone, then this free service is probably not for you! LOL. The plan resets after a month, so you can start all over again with the maximum limitations. For the parent who just wants to give a phone to a child for emergency purposes, then this is a good way to do it.

As I’ve said, I’ve had this plan now for almost a year. I’ve never paid for this service, so I’ve been enjoying a Free Mobile Phone service while you’re paying a lot for yours! Just wanted to share with you, in case you know of someone in the family who is on a limited budget and can benefit from a free cell phone service just like me!

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