Computer Tips

How To Factory Reset Acer Aspire ZRQ Windows 8

I was helping a client with his Acer laptop, whose virus infection is so bad that the laptop literally came to a crawl (or to a stop, really, and wouldn’t respond to any commands). I couldn’t get into his account, or even change BIOS settings. He didn’t have a recovery CD and he gave me […]

25 Percent Off! Best Antivirus, AntiSpyware, Adware for Your Desktop or Laptop Computer

Protect your precious computer! For a LIMITED TIME, receive 25% OFF Lavasoft software products to safeguard your desktop PC or laptop. Below are the current offers for a one-year protection: SPECIAL OFFER #1 Ad-Aware Personal Security – 25% OFF (Regular Price: $24 | Discount Price: $18) Built upon our legendary anti-spyware and antivirus protection, Ad-Aware […]

How to Protect Yourself from Microsoft Internet Explorer ZERO DAY (Remote Code Execution) Vulnerability

You may have heard about the “Zero Day” internet explorer vulnerability (Remote Code Execution Vulnerability – CVE-2014-1776) in your local news outlets. As you may have heard, this vulnerability affects ALL versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. In response to this Zero-Day Internet Explorer Vulnerability, Symantec (Norton) responded with a few tips to get yourself protected: […]

Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference Guide

Download this FREE printable quick reference guide for your Microsoft Excel 2011 software installation! Includes shortcuts, tips, and tricks to make your use of Microsoft Excel more productive. Click here to download Are you interested in additional softwares? Click here for other software titles and print out as much quick reference guides and cheat sheets […]

Problem with Downloading Thunderbird Email Messages – Downloading Message 1 of x – Stuck and Nothing Happens (SOLUTION)

PROBLEM:  You try to download your POP3 emails but Thunderbird just keeps saying “Downloading Message 1 of x (where x = number of email messages on your webmail) and nothing happens. POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  Close Thunderbird. Login to your webmail account (use your internet browser and login using your credentials and web address given by your […]

How to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing is a fraudulent way of acquiring your personal information, whether it be your name & address, passwords, financial info, etc. The most common method that phishers use to obtain your info is via email. For example, you might receive an email that looks like it was sent from your bank. The email looks exactly […]

How to Protect Yourself From Viruses and Spyware

Have you noticed your computer slowing down considerably? Do you have annoying popup advertisements suddenly appearing on your computer screen at various intervals of the day? Your computer may be infected with an adware, spyware, or a virus. After getting your system cleaned, you need to remain proactive so you won’t be infected again. To […]

How to Protect Yourself from SPAM

How prevalent is Spam? According to Scott McAdams, OMA Public Affairs and Communications Department: Studies show unsolicited or “junk” e-mail, known as spam, accounts for roughly half of all e-mail messages received. Although once regarded as little more than a nuisance, the prevalence of spam has increased to the point where many users have begun […]