The Small Business Owner’s COVID-19 Survival Toolkit

Business Advice

The coronavirus pandemic may have closed your small business’s doors, but it doesn’t need to be the end of your enterprise. Whether you run a restaurant, a beauty salon, or a veterinary clinic, there are resources that can help you outlast the pandemic with your business’s bottom line intact. Ready to learn how? These resources […]

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Tech Strategies and Software to Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

Business Advice, Promotion and Marketing, Technology

What’s a day in the life of a small business owner entail? It should come as no surprise that there’s more to running a small business than hustling to make sales. Although no two days are the same, Forbes reports that most entrepreneurs work long, “jam-packed” days. That’s why it’s essential to find lucrative, efficient […]

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4 Effective Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Checkout Process

Business Advice, Technology

Most eCommerce businesses face the same problem – many customers abandon their cart and decide not to complete the purchase. According to recent studies, the average cart abandonment rate sits at almost 68 percent. Most of the time, these customers decide to buy from a brick-and-mortar store or come back later but quite often, they […]

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3 Things You Need to Be Successful as a Solopreneur Right Now

Business Advice, Productivity, Technology

Being a solopreneur has many unique challenges. It also offers plenty of benefits that make the struggle worth it. However, in favor of struggling a little less, here are three things that can make your daily grind a bit easier and even boost business. Source Smart Freelance Help Small Biz Trends highlights that 69 percent […]

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Why Is A Scam

Business Advice, Product and Service Reviews

I was recently visiting a work at home forum when I noticed an offer that was too good to be true! Imagine being promised to be paid $10 just for referring someone to their website via your social media channels! That incredible offer came from Review – Scam Reports? Here are some signs […]

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Success in Business Is Not Given, Its Designed

Business Advice, Productivity

It takes more than desire to run a successful business — it also takes strategy, perseverance, and the ability to recover from setbacks. Establishing good habits now can help you achieve the success you desire for the coming year and beyond. Here are a few tips to get you started.   Practice Self-Care and Stress […]

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