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Product Review: Advanced Probiotic Supplement from Living Natural

With the big rave about probiotics, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give the Living Natural Advanced Probiotic supplement a try, which is on sale at for $20.77 and shipped free in 2 days if you have Amazon Prime. The directions suggests that you take 1-2 tablets daily on an empty stomach. Considering that […]

Product Review: Seeds of Love Organic Flower Seeds Packed in 10 Greetings Cards by VREMI

Instead of sending a card that someone might throw away after reading, why not give them a greeting card packed with flower seeds that they can plant? This is the concept behind the Seeds of Love Organic Flower Seed Greeting Cards by VREMI. It’s an interesting idea, and I’ll give it a thumbs up! The […]

Product Review: 48 Premium Chalkboard Labels by Kanvas

Using the Premium Chalkboard Labels by Kanvas, you can organize pretty much everything in your kitchen — such as tin cans, jars, tupperwares, and pretty much anything that can take a sticker. You can also use these labels on containers and bins in your home office or bedroom for better organization. There are 4 label […]

Product Review: Phantom Fit Reflective Safety Vest

This Reflective Safety Vest by Phantom Fit is a useful accessory to have! It costs $15, but it’s well worth your safety! As I was opening the package, I could already think of many potential uses: Protection from getting hit by a car or other vehicle when biking (bicycle or motorcycle), jogging, strolling, running, and […]

Product Review: Collapsible Hair Dryer Diffuser by Xtava

Yes, I must admit… I use the hair dryer as much as my wife does! I’m embarrassed… happy now? Well, the main problem I get using our hair dryer (and perhaps, because I’m not using it properly) is that burning sensation on the scalp during or after use. To avoid that, I have to keep […]

Product Review: ADC Proscope Nursescope 660 Stethoscope

If you are a nurse, a doctor, or a student in the healthcare/medical field, here’s a simple, yet functional, stethoscope that you can use at work or clinical purposes. It’s the ADC Proscope Nursescope 660, which is one model in their various series of stethoscopes. ADC stands for American Diagnostic Corporation, as shown in the […]

Product Review: Earth-Well Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to be essential to overall health. Studies have shown benefits of omega 3 to the health of your heart, including regulation of cholesterol/triglyceride levels, among other benefits, such as mental health. Today, I will be featuring the Earthwell Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement, which is available on Amazon. […]

Product Review: AirComfy Inflatable Travel Pillow

Today’s highlight is the AirComfy Inflatable Travel Pillow, which was shipped quickly via Amazon Prime and comes with a 30-day Money-back Guarantee. The travel pillow comes compressed and rolled inside a sack case, for portability, that is roughly 9-inches long and 4-inches in diameter. The sack comes with an aluminum carabiner, which is useful because […]

Product Review: MeasuPro Ultra-Fast Cooking Thermometer with Timer DCT250

This is a great cooking tool to have if you want to avoid over-cooking your food, and most importantly, to avoid under-cooking your meat/poultry dishes. As you may be aware, under-cooked meat can pose a serious health hazard. With the MeasuPro Cooking Thermometer with Timer, which you can purchase from, you will have the […]

Product Review: AYL LED/CREE 3-In-1 Torch Flashlight With Magnetized Base

I was excited to receive my AYL (Accessorise Your Life) LED Flashlight which was bought from I love playing with gadgets, and I couldn’t wait to open the box. The flashlight comes really protected on a nice box case, additionally secured with bubble wraps. I have no complaints with the way Accessorise Your Life […]

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I provide a range of services for your personal or business needs.

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