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#1 Question: How do I earn a commission?
Answer: When you sign up as a Reseller Agent, you will receive a unique ID that is associated to your account. When you promote my products or services using your unique link, the software remembers this unique ID, and you will receive the credit for the referral that results in a sale.
#2 Question: How long can I earn a commission after the initial referral?
Answer: You will have the opportunity to earn a commission up to 6 months from the initial referral. For example, if the customer returns to my website and completes payment for another service or project, you will get the credit for the sale and earn your specified commission, provided that the referral can still be linked/tracked to your unique ID.
#3 Question: When will I get paid?
Answer: You will receive your commission payments once you have received the minimum payout amount as specified in the program. At this time, the minimum payout amount is $25. That means that when you reach at least $25 in commissions, you would have met the minimum required for payout. You can request to be paid, and I will send your payment as soon as possible. Most programs require you to have at least $100 in commissions credited to your account before allowing you to be paid. With me, you can get paid at a low minimum of $25. Isn't that better?
#4 Question: How will I get paid?
Answer: You will receive your commission payment via Paypal, which is the most cost-effective method I have found. You'll receive your payment faster too! Paper checks cost time and money, and if I used that method, then I'll have to pass on the costs to you in the form of check payment fees (which is what most companies do, by the way). I'm sure you'd rather keep all your commission, rather than losing a portion of it in fees. If you don't have a Paypal account, signing up is free and secure. Having a Paypal account is a requirement, if you want to get paid.
#5 Question: Can I still sign up as a Reseller Agent even when I don't have a website?
Answer: You don't need to own a website to be able to participate in the Reseller Agent program. You can use your email, use your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, or pay for an ad campaign if you want to.
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